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Discord Server Revamp!

Server updates for Utility, Calm and the Future.

The Discord server has been revamped with a setup that will reflect the next chapter of the Mortiverse Mort collectibles!

As we know, the point of a Mort being in web3 is to bring a calm, FUD-Free environment for personal development to occur in an often frenetic, tense space. So with the mint behind us, and with a long future planned ahead of us, here’s what we can now benefit from in the Mortiverse Discord:

First, growth-questions! Many of you know we’ve been doing these together pre-mint, and plan to continue with these long-term. This’ll be exclusively for Mort holders because, again, this is the point of Mort being in web3: he’s unlocking an opportunity for us to think, to grow, and to do so calmly - so the questions and interactions will be regular, and we’ll be able to participate as often as we choose.

Second, calm-chat! As a community growing steadily and calmly to nurture our FUD-Free environment, we wanted to honour that with calm-chat: newcomers get to observe a peaceful, growing community, and participate by becoming a holder when they’re ready. It’s not fast-paced, mile-a-minute chat, but a place designed to represent what we’re really about, letting us type meaningfully and thoughtfully together, and when we feel like it.

Third, a security overhaul: We’ve combed through the server to harden our perms and ensure it’s a safe place for everyone to grow and thrive long-term. We’re going to be here for a long time, so we need to make sure the server is set up for long-term success!

This Discord server isn’t here because “it’s just what web3 projects do.”

This Discord is here because it has a job to do: provide an environment for us to learn and grow together, and calmly invite other thoughtful, long-term individuals into our community for the long fruitful journey that lies ahead.

We’re only just getting started.


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