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Grow by having fun

Become a calmer, happier and more resilient person with fun, Stoic-themed comics, cartoons and games.

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Feel calmer

Lean back & learn through cartoons

Reading books is hard. Watching cartoons is easy. Learn timeless principles the easy way, with no effort required.

Feel calmer

Lean forward & apply through games

Applying your learning is hard, because life's trials are hard. Develop life skills through play, before things get tough.

Feel calmer

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Personal growth can be hard

Personal Growth
can be hard.

Timeless wisdom, trapped in dusty books.

An entire generation of digital natives and creators have yet to experience the peace, calm and resilience found in Stoicism, and the benefits it brings to the modern stresses of life.

What if it were to be unlocked?

Growth should
be fun.

Cartoons are fun. Games are fun.

And when we're having fun, learning gets to come along for the ride. Everything we learned when we were little, we learned through play.

That's what the Mortiverse experiment is for: to make self-improvement, resilience and the ability to thrive in high-stress environments as easy as watching cartoons and playing games.

Growth should be fun

The Mortiverse world is being written, illustrated, animated and developed by husband-and-wife team Adam & Kezia, from decades of experience in digital product development and many years as students of Stoicism.

Premium Artwork

Premium Art

As an artist-led project with over a decade of experience, the Mortiverse world is a labour of love, being built with meticulous attention to detail.



Educational, entertaining animated content to help you manage your thoughts and feelings. All based in the Mortiverse world.

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There are many familiar faces that you’ll discover in the Mortiverse world. Meet some of the key protagonists and antagonists that will lead you along your journey with them:

Friends and foes you’ll discover along the way

The Philosoph3rs

  • An underground movement who help keep Mort safe, standing against the FUD.
  • Watch Doxx, Foam, Stylus and Stitch use reason and logic to save Littleton.
  • Discover their personal stories and the many secrets hidden around the city.
The Philosoph3rs

Wen Moon & The FUD

  • Meet Wen Moon, the creator of chaos, wreaking havoc (in your mind!)
  • Protected by the FUD monsters who terrorise the residents of Littleton.
  • Find out more about Wen's plans… and learn how we can put an end to the FUD.
Wen Moon & The FUD
Wen Moon & The FUD
Enter the Mortiverse

You're not a Student:
You're a Player

  • Immerse yourself in the world and grow through cartoons and games.
  • Interact with your favourite characters and other residents in the city.
  • Enjoy the stories, find easter eggs, and apply learning through play.
Help us build the future of personal development:

Become a calmer, happier and more resilient person by reading comics, watching cartoons and playing games.

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