“We lost someone…

…it was one of the hardest things we’d ever been though. And due to complications, we almost lost Kezia in the process too.

And it made us wonder… Stoic philosophy was what gave us the strength and resilience to go through that time, but it’s hard to engage. What if it were… accessible… and fun? What if personal growth could make people smile, even in dark times?

Only 11% of us routinely try to improve ourselves. But everyone likes fun. What if fun –cartoons, games, community— could be a vehicle for real personal growth?

We decided to find out.”

— Adam

Core Values


There is so much opportunity all around us. We say ‘No’ to lots of great things, so we can say ‘Yes’ to the work that best equips the project to make stoicism fun.


The web moves fast. The Mortiverse does not. We create calmly and healthily, so that calm isn’t just in the content, but also in the way we build.


This is a family-friendly space, where people of many ages can feel at home. We, and the community, all know the importance of protecting a family-friendly environment.

You’re still early.

The Mortiverse is just getting started. We can’t wait to see what we’ll all build together. Together, we can make a difference.

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