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Discord as a Utility

Because 'normal' isn’t working

Why do web3 communities have a Discord server?

Is it because it’s inherently valuable?

Is it because community members have nowhere else to congregate?

Why do they even need to congregate?

We asked a handful of active web3 participants and the answer was consistent:

“There’s a Discord server because it’s just what you do.”

We can do better.

Normal isn’t working

If ‘normal’ worked, the market would always thrive, communities would always blossom, and projects would always succeed.

Unfortunately, ‘normal’ tends to mean projects that have been given up on, communities eager to find a palettable ‘out’, and metas that move from idea to idea in search of something that really, truly works.

Something that has always worked, is providing geometrically more value to a community than it paid in admission.

After all, even if we give Apple money, we expect an iPhone out of it, don’t we?

Discord as a Utility

Discord servers can be a real Utility.

But it doesn’t happen by accident, and it doesn’t happen from doing what is ‘normal’.

A server is merely an arrangement of channels and conversations, not unlike IRC channels that came before it over 30 years earlier…

And for some projects, guided, intentional conversation is a huge plus.

Over the years we’ve been involved in mastermind groups that costed many thousands of dollars to be there, where the entire ‘utility’ was “guided conversation with a group of people aligned around a common cause.”

And so we were eager to make sure that the Mortiverse server can combine these insights for the benefit of those among us who have elected to participate in the web3 collection product of the Mortiverse world: Guided conversation with a group of people aligned around a common cause that provides geometrically more value to a community than it paid in admission.

Every web3 project Discord should be built for Utility

If bears are for building, then every community with a Discord has an opportunity to build something amazing, even using Discord. There are so many areas of life that can benefit from meaningful, guided conversation designed to create a positive change in peoples lives.

We all have this opportunity.

For those among us in the Mortiverse community, we’re glad you’re with us, and we’re only just getting started.

And for those among us who lead other projects, we can’t wait to see what you’ll build.


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