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Healthy alternatives to grinding

Grinding for ALs is unhealthy. Here’s a healthy alternative!

This post originally appeared as a Twitter thread from our co-founder Adam Fairhead.

Grinding for ALs is unhealthy.

Here’s a healthy alternative!

1) Let there be a healthy BENEFIT to being early

Unhealthy: Needing to be early just for…frenetic flipping opportunities.

Healthy: Special ‘extras’ for being early, no freneticism required.

Eg: Mortiverse has a line-up of special extras that all minters will get for holding. Stay tuned for the details of these extras, they’ll be announced on Twitter and in this News section soon.

2) Let there be a healthy ALTERNATIVE to being early

Unhealthy: If you’re not ‘on the list’, you panic & grind.

Healthy: List or no list, minting & secondary purchases have huge value for you.

Eg: Mortiverse season NFTs unlock personal development cartoons & games, AL or not. That’s the whole point!

3) Let ‘being seen’ mean MORE than time & noise

Unhealthy: Racing to outwork your peers, regardless of what the reward is.

Healthy: Simply revealing you’re a good fit & will benefit from holding.

Eg: Mortiverse simply watches for those who want to invest in personal growth.

There are usually healthy options available…

…You simply need to lead with a heart of service and a commitment to do better…

…And to follow others who lead in that way. ❤️👻

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