Mortiverse Season One

Your unlimited access pass into the Mortiverse world, including free access to future games. Holders unlock the biggest benefits.

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What is the Mortiverse NFT?

A small collection dropped and sold in the span of a couple of hours (supply ethically dictated by the market) to help fund the start of the Mortiverse journey.

Each Mortiverse NFT entitles its holder to free access to the first Mortiverse adventure.

Finally, an NFT that holds real utility!

What is the Mortiverse

Your Mortiverse NFT and access pass is a PFP of your very own ghost, hand-crafted by Adam Fairhead. Your Mort helped fund the research and discovery behind the Mortiverse, and unlocks the first Mortiverse adventure.

Premium Artwork

Premium Artwork

As an artist-led project with over a decade of experience, every Mort is thoughtfully considered with meticulous attention to detail.



We wanted every Mort to “look rare”, so traits have each been specially crafted in subsets to give lots of variety, while only the best make the cut.

Mix with other PFPs


Each Mort is randomly generated and certifiably unique on the Ethereum blockchain. If yours is unrevealed, reveal it here!

Your access pass

Your access pass

The first Mortiverse adventure will be made available to you simply by HODLing your Mort NFT. Sell it to others when they know about the great content!

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