Twitter Banners

Show off your favourite Mortiverse characters on your Twitter banner with the downloadable assets below! More will be released as official character reveals take place on the official Mortiverse Twitter account.

Doxx banner

Your friendly neighbourhood activist, Doxx doesn’t just stand up for his beliefs – he paints them liberally across the city. If you like a splash of colour (and a little rebelliousness) this banner’s for you.

Wen Moon banner

It feels good to be bad – especially when you’re wielding a ball of mysterious lightning and your hair STILL looks this great. The perfect banner if you have secret inclinations towards the dark side.

Stylus banner

Creative and enthusiastic, Stylus shares the Philosoph3rs' message through his art. If you’re an aspiring painter seeking a source of inspiration (or you just love a man-bun), Stylus is your guy.

Foam banner

If you've got sass, class and a heart of gold, then you're definitely already vibing with Foam. Download her banner to show and share your love for all things community based.

Stitch banner

Heading up a secret trade in FUD-Free fashion, Stitch flies under the radar – although the same can’t be said for her colourful designs! Make a statement in style with this Philosoph3r’s banner.

Mort banner

We couldn’t have a Mortiverse without this little guy! If you want to show your Mort-support, you’ll love this banner featuring the one and only Mortimer Bones and some of his best pals.

Wen Moon banner 2

FUD is on the rise! Help raise awareness of Wen Moon’s Littleton takeover (and penchant for crazed laughter), by using this banner. Includes healthy dose of cuteness brought to you by Mort and Fren.

Phone wallpapers

Bring the Mortiverse with you when you’re on the move, so that the virtues and lessons learned in Season One are never far away.

Wen Moon wallpapers

If you’re looking to add a little maniacal charm to your day, these Wen Moon wallpapers are just the ticket.

Stylus wallpapers

Tap into your artistic muse every time you look at your screen. These Stylus wallpapers have you covered.

Foam wallpapers

Need a reminder that you’ve got this? Check in with Foam for a little encouragement – with added paint splatter.

Stitch wallpapers

Need to brighten up your day in a snip? Pop Stitch on your phone and you’ll never have a dull moment.

Quote wallpapers

The Stoics sure knew a thing or two about living a FUD-free life. Keep their wisdom close by wherever you are.

Fan wallpapers

Select, snazzy fan-made works from the Mortiverse community in wallpaper form. By @jerjo_17 & @derilius_

Sample PFPs

Can’t wait for your official Season One PFP? Here are six sample Morts with a non-final backgroud colour to hold you over until you can buy the real thing!

Sample Mort 1

If this little fella makes you squeal involuntarily, you've found the right Mort for you.

Sample Mort 2

Need a reminder to slow down and touch grass? This Mort's whole vibe is a cheery kinda chill.

Sample Mort 3

Not everyone can pull off the scratchy-jumper-and-horn look. But we respect the Mort who can.

Sample Mort 4

For your most dapper of days, you can never go wrong sporting a Mort PFP in a flat cap and scarf.

Sample Mort 5

Don't fear the Reaper… if he does look like this you might just be tempted to grab him for a hug.

Sample Mort 6

Can you take a jet to the moon? Travel boldly and in style alongside this plucky little aviator.

Don’t miss a beat

All the latest details about Mortiverse Season One are being shared on the Mortiverse Twitter account. Be sure to follow it today so you don’t miss any of the details, or when the mint is taking place!

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